Cod & Capers Quality Control

Quality Assurance

Cod & Capers is the only seafood facility in Palm Beach County that is voluntarily inspected by the NOAA Seafood Inspection Program.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) oversees fisheries management in the United States.  We have participated in their voluntary inspection program since 1992.  We participate in this program as an extra measure to ensure the safety and quality of the fine products we offer.  The NOAA Seafood Inspection Program is often referred to as the U.S. Department of Commerce (USDC) Seafood Inspection Program and uses marks and documents bearing the USDC moniker.

Our employees are trained to spot freshness and are well-versed in food safety.  We have a safety checklist system in place that our employees go through every day to ensure we adhere to our strict sanitation policies.  We would never offer a product for sale that we would not feel comfortable bringing home and feeding to our own families.

Where It Comes From

We have suppliers all over the world.  We are very selective when we choose our suppliers - the owner and founder of Cod & Capers does almost all the seafood buying himself.  We support local fishermen as often as possible - we know it means fresher fish for our customers (less time out of the water) and it helps support our local fishing industry. 

Sometimes, it is necessary and favorable to purchase aquaculture products (farmed seafood).  We are extremely selective about this and do extensive research to ensure that the facilities we purchase from have only the best practices.  

For More Information

Please contact us at (561) 622-0963 if you have any concerns regarding quality or where your seafood comes from - we are always happy to answer questions!  Knowledge is the key to great seafood!