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Cod & Capers Seafood is PROUD to offer Yacht Provisioning as one of our services.  Need 100 6-oz portions of Florida Keys Yellowtail Snapper, Skinned & Boned, Individually Vacuum Sealed, Frozen and delivered to your berth in a remote location?  We can do it!!  No order is too small or too large.  We provide the highest quality provisioning including specialized packaging and labeling to organize your seafood

A division of Cod & Capers Seafood is dedicated to serving the international yacht community. We currently serve over one hundred yachts, super yachts and sport fishermen.  We can fill orders for budget-friendly crew food AND satisfy the sophisticated palates of owners and guests.  We offer fish, seafood, shellfish, the finest caviar and more - everything from the local favorites to the foreign delicacies.  We specialize in sourcing unique products - don't be afraid to ask!

At Cod & Capers, the focus is ALWAYS on quality.  We hand-select the freshest product available, process to your specifications, vacuum seal, label and flash-freeze it to ensure outstanding freshness.  Please give us a call at 561.622.0994 to speak with one of our yacht specialists.  We will be happy to answer your questions and work with you to fulfill your needs.

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                                                                   Yacht Chef Peter Ziegelmeier with Cod & Capers Products!